Tevlin Gleadle Curtis Employment Law Strategies

We are a law firm based in Vancouver with a practice dedicated to all aspects of Employment Law.
Our lawyers have experience in the courtroom and at the negotiating table.

Tevlin Gleadle Curtis is the pre-eminent, employment law firm in British Columbia.  We provide advice and legal services to clients across Canada. The firm’s clients include employees, groups of employees, employers and contractors. Our clientele spans a diverse range of markets, economies and industries.

Employment Law Practice Areas

Our lawyers have substantial experience with all aspects of employment law. We routinely conduct wrongful dismissal claims and contract negotiations and Human Rights complaints. The Tevlin Gleadle Curtis team has extensive experience in trial and appeal courts in British Columbia but also in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and the Supreme Court of Canada. We also have experience with administrative tribunals, mediation, arbitration, and other forms of dispute resolution.

For over a decade, we have been at the forefront of the unique and poorly-understood world of compensation issues relating to physicians who practice in a publicly-funded health care setting across multiple Canadian provinces.  This includes cases in British Columbia and Saskatchewan in particular.

Our practice also includes the conduct of workplace investigations.

Employment Law Strategies

Whether in court or in negotiation, we employ effective employment law strategies to achieve real results for our clients.  People often comment to us that they want a ‘bulldog’ and they have heard that describes us well.  We disagree.  Tenacity is only one of the tools at our disposal, we only employ it when warranted.  Many deals are done quickly, amicably and on the basis of our reputation as a leading firm in our practice area.

We also pride ourselves on creativity, and our peers recognize us for this attribute as well.  You can count on us to take a holistic approach to your claim, always with a view to professionally and aggressively pursuing the best possible outcome that the circumstances of your case will allow.

Employment Law Services

Employment Law

The lawyers at our Vancouver office focus on issues affecting employers and employees.

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Wrongful Dismissal

You've been fired. Was your termination lawful?

Learn More About Wrongful Dismissal

Constructive Dismissal

Your title, pay, reporting structure, or other aspect of your job has been changed. Is this constructive dismissal?

Learn More About Constructive Dismissal

Human Rights

What do employers and employees have to be aware of when it comes to discrimination, bullying, or other workplace issues?

Learn More About Human Rights

Class Actions

Class actions can be a powerful tool for dealing with employment issues.

Learn More About Class Actions

workplace investigation

Workplace Investigations

We have experience conducting comprehensive and efficient workplace investigations.

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physician workplace law

Physician Workplace Law

Physicians in Canada practice medicine within a complex framework of laws, regulations, bylaws, and professional and ethical requirements.

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Other Employment Law Services

We advise employers and employees on matters including planning and negotiation, executive employment contracts, confidentiality and non-competition issues, shareholder disputes, mergers and acquisitions, and labour and employment injunctions.

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Recent News

David McWhinnie and Ania Konikowski resist adjournment application

David McWhinnie and Ania Konikowski have resisted an adjournment application in the Supreme Court today. This is an important step in ensuring our clients have a clear path by which to access justice. Congratulations to David and Ania!

Will we be crowned Canada’s best employment law boutique? Cast your vote!

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Ania and Kemily with big wins this week – in Ania’s case she is now 1-0 in the Supreme Court!

Congratulations to both Ania Konikowski and Kemily Ho on resisting separate adjournment applications this week. A special congratulations to Ania, as this was her first ever contested B.C. Supreme Court application – making her undefeated!

Most of our firm is in court today

More than half our legal professionals will be in court today on three separate matters. Blair Curtis and Ania Konikowski are set for a jurisdictional argument, David McWhinnie commences week two of a three-week trial and Martin Sheard will conduct a trial management conference. We wish all our lawyers and our articling student, best of … Continued