David McWhinnie

TGC lawyer David McWhinnie appeared in a recent article in the North Shore News about the destruction of a residential heritage property.

David and Fred Wynne were acting as special prosecutors on behalf of the District of North Vancouver to bring charges against parties involved in the destruction of that property.

These types of prosecutions are very rare. David has experience defending criminal and quasi-criminal charges and was able to apply that experience to this relatively unique case.

The article also quotes Mayor Mike Little explaining why the
District took the unusual step of taking this matter to Court: “Heritage properties play an integral role in defining our community’s identity. The destruction of one of these properties is deeply upsetting to council and the community.”

You can read the full article here.

TGC lawyers specialize in employment law but our diverse backgrounds and skills also enable us to assist with unique cases like this one. If you have a question about special prosecutions or anything related to this article then you can contact us here.