Employment law is an area of law that deals with the legal relationship between employer and employee.   Employment law includes the law of contracts along with statutory law, like Human Rights, and Employment Standards.

A person’s job can be one of the most fundamental aspects of his or her life.  It can be daunting for a person to deal with legal issues related to his or her job.  In particular, it can be difficult for an employee to deal with the loss of his or her job.  We can help employees in these situations.

Employees are an important resource for any business.  However, inefficient or improper management of employees can result in unnecessary costs and other difficulties.  Addressing claims or complaints by employees can be challenging.  We can help employers in these situations.

Employment law is not only about disputes.  It can also include positive growth-oriented tasks like contract negotiation and drafting, policy manual drafting, and other such measures.  We can help with these tasks too.