Physicians in Canada practice medicine within a complex framework of laws, regulations, bylaws, and professional and ethical requirements.  Physicians may practice as individuals, as affiliated groups, or as corporations.

Doctor responsibilities

Within that complex framework, doctors and doctor groups have the difficult job of managing patient safety, limited resources, and relationships with administration, health authorities, and the government.

While it is often perceived by the public at large that doctors are well compensated, it has been our experience that their pay is hard-won and that the resources available to doctors are often limited or even inadequate.  Further, the current system in Canada sees physician pay, funding, and resources restricted, reduced, or eliminated far more frequently than increased or expanded.

Our lawyers

TGC lawyers have the experience and the tenacity to advocate for Canada’s hard-working doctors.  Our lawyers have been involved in contract negotations, arbitrations, mediations,  litigation, and professional disciplinary issues (including disputes concerning credentialing, privileges, and College complaints) on behalf of individual physicians and groups.

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