Conducting a proper internal workplace investigation can be challenging for any organisation.

The subject matter of workplace investigations is often sensitive.  Often, there is conflicting evidence that has to be gathered, assessed and weighed in a limited period of time.  Investigations can be disruptive to an organisation and can distract and upset even those employees who are not directly involved in the process.

The consequences of a poorly conducted workplace investigation can be substantial and serious for both employer and employee.

In certain cases, it is better for an investigation to be carried out by a professional who is neither an employee of nor counsel to the organisation.

It can be difficult for an organisation to conduct an investigation that appears to be free from partiality or bias when the organisation is managing the investigation itself.

Any workplace investigation needs to be conducted in a manner that is objective, professional, and timely.  The matter at issue needs to be thoroughly investigated, but at the same time the process should be fair to all parties involved.  The end product of the investigation should be a comprehensive report that helps inform how an organisation responds to a difficult situation.

TGC can help.  Our lawyers have experience managing workplace investigations.  Our investigations are efficient, thorough, and fair, and will provide concrete guidance in what is likely to be a challenging situation.

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