Martin SheardKH

Martin Sheard and Kemily Ho will be training the Law Students’ Legal Advice Program‘s summer clinicians today.  The program is better known by the acronym “LSLAP.”

LSLAP is a non-profit run by law students at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia.
Clinicians provide free legal advice and representation to clients who would otherwise be unable to afford legal assistance.  This training occurs across many different legal venues including the provincial courts, human rights tribunal and various other tribunals.  Their clinics are located throughout the Lower Mainland.Today’s focus will be on the conduct of employment law matters most likely to arise in the provincial court context.

Martin and Kemily are former clinicians themselves, having participated in the LSLAP program during their respective tenures at UBC Law School.

Tevlin Gleadle Curtis also supports LSLAP financially and by supervising students conducting trials in the provincial courts.