A workplace should be a safe environment, and no employee should have to fear harassment or assault in his or her place of employment.

Survivors or sexual assault or harassment in the workplace

Survivors of sexual harassment and/or assault in the workplace often feel like they have no options.   In many cases, the party responsible for the harassment or assault is a superior or a manager which can leave the survivor feeling helpless and fearful for his or her employment.

We reject the notion that survivors have no good options.  No person should have to tolerate unwanted sexual conduct, at work or anywhere else.

Our lawyers have experience dealing with these issues.  Employees who think they have been subject to harassment or sexual assault in the workplace should contact us.

For employers: preventing sexual violence and harassment in the workplace

Employers need to know how to address harassment in the workplace. This includes

  • pre-emptive training;
  • maintaining a safe working environment; and/or
  • responding effectively and appropriately when issues of harassment or sexual assault arise.

Our lawyers also have experience advising employers with these issues.  Employers who need guidance should contact us.