Fred Wynne

TGC lawyer Fred Wynne is quoted in a recent article in The Lawyer’s Daily discussing how the law defines the term “employee”.

The article reviews how our Court of Appeal assessed ‘gig economy’ employment relationships in the case of Beach Place Ventures Ltd. v. Employment Standards Tribunal 2022 BCCA 147 .

In the article Fred notes that this case could be instructive for lawyers working on employment cases involving gig economy operators like Uber or Lyft.

Fred is also quoted as saying:

“[this case] is pretty persuasive in that they are saying they are really going to look at this in terms of an employee relationship, and that could have ramifications for gig work because here they talk about structure and dispatching issues — I know the technology and the means are different, but it is a pretty close analogy to what happens in gig work.”

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